It’s time for kids with food allergies to celebrate with the gift of yummy allergy free foods and more! for only $29.99 bi monthly


Our subscription box for kids is available in 2 options

Peanut-Free & Tree Nut-Free Snacks (for kids with peanut allergies and tree nut allergies)


Top 8 Allergens Free Snacks (Including all dairy free and gluten free snacks)

In addition to curated allergy free foods, kids with food allergies can expect to find AllerMates colorful safety and educational products in every box. Watch their eyes light up when this package made especially for them, shows up at their front door.

Get Goodies Bi-Monthly

AllerMates Goodie Boxes of allergy-free foods, each valued over $35, are sent every other month. See below for our schedule, as well as the reason why your child might enjoy receiving that shipment. But know that you really don’t need an excuse to get these awesome subscriptions boxes for kids. They scream love and safety. : )

School's Out Box Order by June 8

Summer Box Order by August 17!

Halloween Box Order by October 20!

Holiday Box Order by December 15!

Valentine's Day Box Order by February 2!

Easter Box Order by March 17


Each AllerMates Goodie Box will have different items than the last, but here’s a good idea of the quantity, sizes and quality of allergy-free foods your food allergy kid should expect to receive per shipment!

Always expect peanut-free snacks and nut-free snacks, or top 8 allergens free treats when choosing that option, and feel good knowing most items contain healthier snacks for kids and are Non-GMO, Organic & made with the best stuff!

$29.99 + sh/h bi monthly


“Loved the fact that I could watch my daughter open up this big box of goodies knowing that I could tell her she could safely dig into any treat she wanted to!!” – Theresa L.

“My daughter was so excited to see things in her Easter basket that she could eat and not worry about anything. : ) ” – Michelle B.

“My son was very excited to get the box and was very happy that he could have anything in it knowing it was safe for him. Giving him that freedom was worth the cost of the box.” – Darcy P.

“Thank you for making a little guy super happy!!! Can't wait for the safe Easter Box!!!” – Ashley K.

“Just wanted to say that we loved our Valentine's Day Goodie Box! Hope you do these for all kinds of holidays! Really takes the worry out of treat finding!” – Mallory H.



Please see below for a list of Frequently Asked Questions on AllerMates Goodie Box. Should you have additional questions, please email us at
Generally speaking, our subscription boxes for kids with food allergies are carefully curated to fit its theme; therefore, no two boxes are created equal. Please know that your child should always expect to receive a variety of at least five (5) allergy-free foods, and oftentimes, as many as seven. Also, note that most of our featured items are full-size snacks and not just samples. AllerMates products and fun learning are also often featured in our subscription boxes for kids.
Our kids have a lot of different allergies, but the majority of food allergies are due to eight common allergens. Dubbed the “top 8 allergens,” our children’s biggest enemies are peanuts, tree nuts, wheat/gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, shellfish and fish.
For Goodie Boxes that are holiday specific, we will ship in the two weeks prior to the holiday to ensure we provide you with the freshest allergy-free foods possible. For those that aren’t holiday specific, we will provide an estimated shipping time within our store for each box as well as a final order date.
AllerMates applies its standard shipping charges to every Goodie Box that ships. For the most part, shipping is approximately $7.00.
Yes for the most part we do not break up orders. Our Goodie Boxes ship when they are scheduled to do so regardless of when you first place your order. Due to the complexity of this process, we can not ship items in your order separately. If you are eager to receive items right away we suggest that you place a separate order.
Our policy is that both boxes contain products that are made in dedicated nut free facilities. On the rare occasion that we do chose to include a nut free product from a general facility, it is only because we have done the research and are assured of its safety. In addition, we send an email to our subscribers as the boxes are being shipped with a list of all the items, ingredients and manufacturing information so that parents can make an informed decision on whether or not they want to provide a particular item to their child. As far as the other top 6 allergens, we will make the manufacturing information available to our subscribers and inform them whether the facility is dedicated or not.
We are happy to accommodate special allergen requests. There is a place on our ordering page that allows you to add special requests. When we are ready to ship, those orders are placed aside and receive special handling. We try to pick an appropriate replacement if needed and if we don’t have one (as most of our food items are ordered fresh for the box) then we will usually double up on another item. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or call us during business hours at 845-507-0702 with any questions or concerns. Your child’s safety is always our first priority!
Although gluten is not technically considered a top 8 allergen, we understand that gluten intolerances and sensitivities are on the rise. Because of this, our top 8 free box is gluten free as well as wheat free.
None of our boxes contain food items with sesame as an ingredient.
Due to the content (allergy-free foods!) of our subscription boxes for kids, we cannot accept returns on Goodie Box purchases.
Due to the content (allergy-free foods!) of our subscription boxes for kids, we cannot accept returns on Goodie Box purchases.
Once you place an order you are provided a link with access to your account and can cancel your subscription at any time. No need to even contact us however we'll be happy to assist you if you do. Simply email us at prior to the next Goodie Box shipment, and we'll cancel your subscription for you.
To date, we’ve found that our Top 8 Allergens Free Goodie Box fits the needs of most food allergy kids since it’s free of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat/gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, shellfish and fish. Additionally, because there are so many kids with just peanut allergies and tree nut allergies, we have enough demand to offer that type of Goodie Box and provide both peanut-free snacks and nut-free snacks. Know that if we receive enough requests for different kinds of subscription boxes for kids (e.g., gluten-free subscription box), we will consider its introduction. You can email your request to
Simply email with info on your product. If we feel it’s a good fit for either our top 8 allergens free or peanut free snacks and nut free snacks option, we'll get in touch with you!

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